Swing bridge

Brodrejning ved Limfjordsmuseet

Watch Denmark's oldest swing bridge in full operation. The bridge from 1861 is part of the unique environment around Frederik VII's Canal and was once one of the largest bridges in Denmark. You may also be allowed to help with the turning, but be prepared -  it is a 25 tons heavy brigde. 

In July and August the swing bridge is in operation eight times a week which can be experienced on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 11:00 and. 14.00.

The Swing bridge over Frederik VII's Canal opened in 1861 at the same tima as the canal.

The bridge provided access for pedestrians and vehicles not only to canal bailiff-house, which today houses Limfjordsmuseet, but to the entire isthmus between the channel and the inlet.

When Frederik VII's Canal closed in 1913 there was no longer need to open the bridge, which slowly went into decline.

The bridge is constructed of Port Engineer Reimers and built by the Smithske Iron Foundries in Aalborg. It is a typical, riveted iron construction which is presented very significant as an extension of the canal house.

When closed down the bridge lean against two brick entrances, in a open state it is shielded by two duc d'alber (piles structures) standing in the water in the canal's south side.

The bridge can via a gear be opened by a hand crank in the middle of the bridge deck. Some original design drawings are preserved at Limfjordsmuseet.


Løgstør Købstads Vægterlaug

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Sommeren igennem kan du komme på en spændende tur rundt i Løgstørs gamle gader med Løgstør Købstads Vægterlaug . Læs mere her

Sommeraktiviteter på Limfjordsmuseet

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På Limfjordsmuseet sker der noget hver dag hele sommere. Få selv våde fingre og kom helt ned under Limfjordens overflade. Læs mere her.


Skoletjeneste sidebara

På Limfjordsmuseet tilbyder vi spændende og faglig formidling til børn og unge i daginstitutioner, skoler og på ungdomsuddannelser. Læs mere her

The Pilot Boat Ready for Launching

After an extensive restoration in four years, Løgstør's old pilot boat from 1929 is once again ready to sail the Limfjord.

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